Meet the Leaders

Image of Jess in Fitmums kit


I joined Fitmums in April 2017 after starting the 'Couch to 5k' program on my own, but I was struggling on my own and wanted to run with other people. My original goal was just to be able to hold a conversation and run at the same time.

Since joining Fitmums & Friends, I have gone on to complete several 10ks, 10 miles, half marathons and The London Marathon in 2019 for Children with Cancer. I have also taken part in some trail runs, adventure races, colour runs, bubble runs, inflatable obstacle courses and Tough Mudder. I like to give anything a go!

I am a keen walker and enjoy exploring the Yorkshire Wolds, as well as peaks a little further afield including Pen Y Ghent twice and also Whernside, and recently conquering Scafell Pike.

We like to keep active as a family and with five dogs to exercise can often be seen about walking or running! 

For anyone thinking of joining Fitmums & Friends, I’d say 'go for it'. It’s such an incredibly friendly and supportive group. I have made many friends since joining the club and it has changed my life. I achieved things I'd never thought possible and it’s all down to Fitmums.

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Having tried to get fit by running on my own, and never managing to keep it up, I decided to join Fitmums to see if running with others would give me the motivation to keep going! And it has!! That was over 10 years ago, and I have been involved in the Fitmums & Friends family ever since, in some way or other! My kids have also been part of the Juniors and 10 to Teens sections of the club and taken part in all sorts of events including National Cross Country and Area Athletics competitions. Being part of Fitmums has also encouraged me to enter events and tackle my nerves doing this (I still don’t think of myself as a runner)! I have managed to complete a lot more than I ever thought I would. I also enjoy the strength and conditioning sessions run by the coaches (boot camps) and have found a whole new way of exercising that I never thought I could do, let alone like! I have even been a member of the Fitmums & Friends choir (I can’t sing either!)

What Fitmums has given me, and my family, is support, encouragement, the confidence to just try things, and a great collection of event medals and t-shirts! But most importantly, Fitmums has given us some wonderful friends!

I would tell anyone thinking about joining Fitmums & Friends to stop thinking and just go for it! As the club says, 'everyone fits' at Fitmums, and you really will find something worthwhile!

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I joined Market Weighton Fitmums shortly after moving to the area in 2021, firstly to get running fit and secondly to meet like minded people. I was literally blown away by the friendliness of everyone at Fitmums – I was made to feel welcome from the very first minute and that feeling has continued ever since. I used to do a fair bit of running from 2010 – 2013 but, after moving to the UAE in 2013 for several years, my running stopped. In 2021, I heard about Fitmums and decided that I needed to step out of my comfort zone and get back into running. During the pandemic any thoughts of fitness had disappeared along with my motivation but, since joining Fitmums, my running mojo is slowly but surely returning. I have had several setbacks in my current running journey, and have had to go back to basics, but my reason for wanting to lead was twofold – firstly to be able to give back to the group that put me at ease when I joined and continues to make me feel welcome and valued and secondly to hold myself accountable, stay motivated and reap the many rewards you get from running with a group such as Fitmums. I am really looking forward to the next step in my running journey and hope that I can motivate, encourage and support others in the same way that the other Fitmums leaders and members have done for me. For all of us this is not just a physical ‘get fit’ journey as the mental health benefits of running and joining groups such as Fitmums are invaluable.


Hi everyone, my name is Sue. I have been with Fitmums and Friends' right from them starting up the group in Market Weighton. I love exercising, running, circuit training, swimming etc but have had a difficult few years getting back to exercise after a serious motorbike accident in 2107. After several reconstructive surgeries and lots of physio and rehabilitation these injuries can still be felt today, but the one that causes most problems is how it affected my mental health. So, when Fitmums and Friends started up in Market Weighton I plucked up the courage, along with a friend, to go and see what it was about. I decided to join and have loved it ever since. There is no peer pressure and it has given me purpose in life once more. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to train as a run leader, which was a huge step for me, but with lots of support from the other leaders I did it! This was a really big deal for me given my confidence problems. I also now volunteer at the club as a Mental Health Champion, so I am here for you to chat to if you are having a difficult time and available to listen and offer support. I know from my own experience how hard it can be to get through the day sometimes, and a friendly listening ear along with some exercise makes a huge difference. So please don't be afraid to come along.


Hi, I'm Paula.  I've been a runner off and on since my Uni years and have completed a number of race events - 10kms, 10 miles, half marathon and marathons! I have even added an ultra marathon to the list, completing the Hardwolds 40,a 47 mile off road event from Beverley to Malton; a tough by fun day out! 

I work in marketing and running gives me the time to think creatively without the distractions of the office.  I run to challenge myself. for the sense of achievement and to balance out my love of cake!!  But mostly I run because it males me feel good.  I'm not fast but I almost always run with a smile. 

So if you see me running around Market Weighton please say hi! And hopefully I can get to know you all a bit better on our Tuesday night club runs. 

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