In The Pink Support Scheme

We have a passion for helping people feel “In the Pink” i.e. in the best possible health. But we recognise not everyone can walk through the doors of a running/walking club and reap the benefits for themselves. We therefore have a range of different systems to offer a helping hand.

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What is In the Pink?

A way of helping individuals use physical activity to feel healthier and happier. “In the Pink” means “in the best possible health” and with volunteer support this is what we aim to help people feel. We know that not everyone can walk through the doors of an activity club and reap the benefits for themselves. Sometimes a helping hand is needed and this is exactly what the “In the Pink” scheme offers.

Who is it for?

It is for anyone male or female aged 16 years+ who feel they need a helping hand to become more active. You do not need to be already fit, you can be completely inactive currently or you can have just lost your mojo and need a hand to find it again! The list below is by no means exhaustive and you don’t need to fit in any of these categories, these are just some examples:

  • bereaved & struggling
  • carers & need time out
  • feeling lonely
  • trying to make lifestyle changes like losing weight or stopping smoking/drinking alcohol
  • having relationship difficulties
  • unemployed or facing redundancy
  • recovering from cancer or other illnesses
  • experiencing baby blues, ante/post-natal depression
  • struggling with menopause symptoms
  • facing major life changing experiences
  • feeling low in confidence/self-esteem

How does In the Pink support work?

  1. Get in touch - You can refer yourself or ask anyone else to refer you. This might be a health professional like a doctor, nurse, midwife, health visitor or it could be a concerned friend/family member. We will then ring you, explain more about the scheme, check you feel ready and if so, link you to a volunteer supporter who will get in touch and arrange a meet up in a café local to you!
  2. Non exercise meet up - This is a lovely chance to chat before you try! Find out in more detail how the scheme works; what activity options are available, and how you can be supported. If you feel ready you can plan which session you would like to try (including walking, running, buggy and bootcamp sessions – although not all available in all areas). The cuppa is on us by the way!
  3. Supported exercise sessions – Your volunteer supporter will then join you at the session of your choice and be there just for you. They will support you at three sessions in this way. You need not worry about your level of fitness. Walk and run sessions use a shepherding system so people can run or walk at their own pace without fear of being left behind, or being under pressure to go faster than they are able. Groups are very friendly and supportive and with the aid of the volunteer supporter you can benefit from this helping hand to take those first steps.
  4. Looking to the future – After the 3 supported sessions individuals are welcome to join Fitmums and Friends as a member if they wish and continue their journey to being “In the Pink”. Equally if being involved in this scheme helps you feel more confident about getting involved in other activities which are not facilitated by Fitmums and Friends this is also fine. We just want to help people realise the positive impact of being more active.

Who are the Volunteer Supporters?

These are men and women who have undertaken specific training for the role. This includes training in emotional wellbeing, communication skills and safeguarding/vulnerable adults training. All have a DBS disclosure and are supported by a clinical psychologist in their role. They work as volunteers with paid expenses. They are all members of Fitmums and Friends and understand the strong principles and ethos of support which is embedded within all groups. They are passionate and enthusiastic about offering support to those who require it. Please be aware Volunteer Supporters are not counsellors or therapists; their role is simply to motivate and support individuals to be more active.

You may be wondering about...


There is no cost for the support offered by the In the Pink team. If after the three supported sessions you wish to join and become a member then current membership fees apply. If anyone would struggle to pay this you only need to let us know and we will do everything to help – we do not want finance to be a barrier to improved health through being more active.

Data collection?

We monitor the impact of this scheme by inviting participants to complete a mood validation questionnaire at the beginning and end of the programme and also an evaluation form which helps us to demonstrate the impact of people receiving this type of support. This is invaluable to us and participants should be reassured that all data is used anonymously.

Transport issues?

Volunteer supporters cannot offer lifts to venues. They will meet you there. This is because we want this support to be something that you can continue in the long term so you need to be able to get to venues independently.

Any alternative?

If you feel you don’t need quite this level of support but you just need a little helping hand then we can also arrange a chat by phone, text, email, Facebook prior to a session or even arrange for you to be met in the car park at a venue so you don’t have to walk in alone.

What next?

Please feel free to call Bridget 07708 324018

Or complete the “request for support” form below and either scan and send to

Or post to 11 The Paddock, Cottingham, HU16 4RA.

If someone else is making a referral for you they must have your consent to do so.

If you would like to help spread the word about the availability of this support please see resources below.

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