Fitmums & Friends aims to create an environment where everyone feels safe and secure to enable them to achieve their potential – to run, cycle, walk, lead, coach, officiate or to support those who do.

Welfare covers a range of issues such as safeguarding and protecting children, anti-bullying, equity, poor practice in coaching and disciplinary and grievances matters. It encompasses policies and procedures to set out minimum standards of expectations, such as codes of conduct, procedures to follow for dealing with child protection concerns, other welfare issues or complaints, and to ensure that Fitmums & Friends meet their statutory responsibilities to safeguard and protect children and the wider membership.

Every Local Fitmums & Friends Club has a Welfare Officer whom you should contact in the event of any welfare concerns. 

Overarching Welfare Leads

Wendy Williams and Ruth Oberg

Email - welfare@fitmums.org.uk

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