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Wendy Williams

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Allison English

I am really into running so this is why I joined fit mums. I used to do athletic my event was 100m Hurdles but due to an injury I had to give this up so this is why i decided to join Fitmums and Freinds. My goal was to see if I could run a 10k as distance running is very different to sprinting which I used to do for my athletics. I wanted to one year do a Marathon so for my 40th Birthday this is what I have deicided to do so this is my aim for this year and with the help of Fitmums and Freinds. I would say  if anyone wanted to join fit mums and Friends  it is a great place to come and run meet new people plenty of chatting and great atmosphere and encouragement form everyone and we are all such a friendly group it is just like one big happy family. 

Kay Farrow

I joined Beverley Fitmums in 2016 after meeting founder Sam Barlow and after taking part in a session at Cottingham Fitmums. I was made to feel very welcome at Cottingham and loved the supportive and encouraging ethos of Fitmums, the inclusivity, the friendliness and the attention to detail in the organisation of the club.   

I enjoy running with Beverley Fitmums and love the variety of the routes, the choice of different distances and the opportunity to make new friends. I responded to an appeal for more run leaders after only a few weeks as a member of Fitmums. Since then I’ve led a group on most Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings, run with most members of the club and done my best to learn everyone’s name!

Although relatively new to Fitmums I’ve been a member of Beverley AC for more than 20 years and have lots of experience of running and races. I’ve run hundreds of races from 5k to marathon – road, trail and cross-country – and am also a regular parkrunner. I’ve run all of the established local races numerous times and am now trying out the many new races that have been introduced to the running calendar recently. My favourite distance is half-marathon and I also love off-road challenge events where runners have to navigate their way round the course and eat cake.

I want to use my experience as a runner to support and encourage Fitmums & Friends to achieve their running goals.

Laura Gulley

I joined Fitmums when it first came to Beverley - 6 years ago now! I had run before having my third child but really wanted to get back into it and loved the idea of running with a group. So I went along and have never looked back! My original goal was just to run, have some time to myself and make some friends but I was thrilled when I started to increase my distance and finally pluck up the courage to enter races. I soon did the run leader training course and have now become the Co-ordinator for the club, a role that I love. I have taken part in lots of races now and am trying to enter ones that I've not done before to broaden my experiences. This year I will do the Great North Run which I'm really excited about and I continue to enter the ballot for the London Marathon which is on my bucket list!

I would really encourage anyone thinking of trying Fitmums to just come along and give us a go - you can try us three times for free and see what we are all about. We cater for all abilities, shapes and sizes and there will be so much support along the way. Plus we love cake! It really is brilliant!

Pip Seminara

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James Oglesby

I joined Fitmums because after completing the Couch 2 5K on my own I decided that I would enjoy running much more if I was running with a group. I chose Fitmums because I wanted to run with a friendly group that doesn't focus on speed and being the fastest runner. I wanted to run at the speed I want to run at and not worry about being left behind.

My goal when I joined Fitmums was to be able to increase my distance from 5K to 10K to be able to take part in 10K races.

Since joining Fitmums I have competed in half marathons, including the Great North Run and numerous 10K races. I have also trained with Fitmums as a run leader to increase my knowledge of running and training whilst supporting others in achieving their goals.

Next year I plan to take part in the Great North Run again. I also want to help my wife achieve her running goals as she is only just starting out.

Go for it! Don't be scared! If you think you'll be left behind, you won't.. come, run at your own speed with a very friendly and supportive group who will always encourage you.

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Heather Gibson 

I joined Fitmum's after watching the Beverley 10k and seeing all the Fitmums running in it, how friendly they all where and the support they gave each other. It inspired me to think I could maybe give running a go.

My original goal was just to be able to run further than the end of my road!! I then managed to run 2 miles, then 3. Moving up through the distances gave me confidence.

As my confidence in running grew I decided to enter the Beverley 10k, I was very nervous. I felt proud of myself and emotional at the finish line. Since then I have taken part in Beverley 10k again and will be doing it again this year. I've done Haltemprice 10k and Dalton Dash 10k and entered Top of the Wolds 10k, which is very much out of my comfort zone!

I would like to continue my running and keep trying new races, possibly a half marathon?! Seeing what others have achieved inspires my running and the support I get from the club members.

If you are thinking about joining, just do it! Fitmum's are a supportive, friendly and an encouraging group. They have taken me from non runner to being able to do 10k and I’ve made lots of new friends too. From those who would like to come and run a shorter distance each week to those training for longer distances, fast or slow, there's something for everyone no matter what your ability at Fitmum's, and did I mention we like CAKE too! 

Ruth Oberg

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Annabel Stevenson

One gloomy winter night a sea of pink ran past my house. I was intrigued to find out who they were as I has just started running and found it difficult to run on my own in the dark? FITMUMS!! The next week I joined them for a run, not far as I hadn’t been running very long. I loved the kind welcome and support from everyone and decided to join.

My original goal was to eventually be able to run a 6-mile run. With the motivation and inspiration from Fitmums I managed not only the 6-mile but a 10k!!! I now enjoy running, so much so I have become a leader to enable me to give back to others at Fitmums what I have received.

If you are thinking of joining just do it you will not regret it!!!

Lisa Adcock

 I had been running each week with a small group of friends. One of them knew a couple of Fitmums members and suggested that we gave it a try. I’m so pleased we did! I loved my first night at Fitmums and since then I have never looked back. I also work as a Volunteer in the central team as a club liaison lead for 4 other clubs. I really enjoy my roles and being part of a fantastic team of volunteers. I have certainly reaped the benefits of volunteering as I feel appreciated and valued.

I have always enjoyed being active and I particularly enjoyed running. My goal for the past few years has been to maintain my level of fitness. Fitmums has the bonus of helping me to meet my goals whilst having fun and meeting lots of people. 

I have done several half marathons, some 10 mile races and I’ve lost count of the 10K’s I’ve run. I also do Park run too.

Over the next year I have some 10K’s, 10 mile and half marathon races coming up. I’m always look forward to the Beverley 10K as there are always a huge group of us that do it and the atmosphere is amazing. 

Come and give us a try! It’s such a friendly group and everyone is made to feel welcome. It doesn’t matter what your running ability is, we have something to suit everyone, right from beginner groups to groups for those people who want to push themselves.

Melissa Malton 

I always enjoyed running at school but having my girls and work I never found I had the energy or time and after 18 years of no exercise it was a struggle to run 1 mile without stopping. But when a friend invited me to join her for a run at Fitmums one tuesday morning, I found the group so welcoming and supportive I just had to join. That was 2 and a half years ago and with the Fitmums support and inspiration I have gone from entering my first ever 10k event to completing my first ever marathon last October. Something I never would have thought possible it is this reason that I became a leader to be able to encourage and support others and I love it!

If your thinking of joining Fitmums just give us a try were a fun, crazy bunch and yes we love cake xx

Tanwen Gray

Sue Foster

The running group I was in, made a decision to join the “pink ladies “( we ran from the leisure centre on a Thursday at 7 too) and we are really pleased we did.

To continue to run with my group of friends, and now my group of friends has got a lot larger. My goal at present is to complete 50 park runs by the end of the year and I am currently on No 36. 

I have run all different distances from 5k, 10K, 10 miles, half marathons and a Marathon. Recently I have completed the 365 challenge, lovely medal received. This year my favourite run so far has been the Walkington 10 K as I enjoyed running it, others have been good but they have been tough.  

What am I planning for next year?

To keep running….

  I also enter the London Marathon ballot every year so maybe

Come along, its friendly and a great place to start running, or to keep running. You run in a group of like minded people, at your own pace (due to a thing called shepherding) and a distance that you are capable of ( 1-6) and in the process make a lot of new friends.  

Mike Duffield

So you are 56 and decided to reitre and take it easy right, no wrong, you get challeged by your son to do a park run. I thought this would be easy so you try and fail, you give up but then there is people out there that wont let you give up. This is where I joined Fitmums and Friends and meet poeple who turn out to be understanding, caring, supportive light minded. Where does the journey take you I hear you ask the answer is simple wherever and as far as you want at your own pace. You can be assured you have total support in your quest and within four months of running I ran reguar 5ks and 10ks, within 11 months I became a a trained run leader and guide runner visualy impaired walk leader. If you dont think you can achieve any of the above then think again Fitmums and Friends is suitable for all ages, gender and abilites you will be welcomed and supported by one and all. You can try any session and you might just have found something to take you on an amazing personal journery. You can start with a fitness walk who knows where your journery will end???