Fitmums & Friends Juniors

What is FMJ’s?

Fitmums & Friends Juniors (FMJ’s) is an athletics session which focuses on all athletic disciplines; running, throwing and jumping. Sessions aim to introduce children to the basic principles of run, throw and jump techniques. These are taught in progressive steps with an emphasis at all times on “fun” as well as the development of agility, balance and co-ordination. Appropriate warm-up activities and stretching are incorporated into sessions in order to teach children from a young age the principles of safe exercise.

Session details

Sessions are £2 per week, payable at week 1 for the whole term. We allow children trying their first 3 sessions to pay per week initially. After 3 sessions a junior membership is required and the cost for this is £11 per year. The membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March. Children joining Jan-March do not need renew in April. 

Cottingham FMJ’s takes place on Saturday afternoons 2.30pm term-time only.

Booking is not necessary, if you have any enquiries please contact gemma@fitmums.org.uk 

More Information

Please contact gemma@fitmums.org.uk 

Consent Form

A consent form must be completed prior to participation in a session – download below: