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Rebecca Fox

Rebecca Fox

I'd been going to the gym a couple of times a week, but found it really boring. Then one of my friends talked me into going along to Fitmums; "I think you'll really enjoy it!". I'd never run before and was not convinced, but thought; "what have I got to lose?". So one Monday after Easter 2015 I braved it, and went out with the 1 mile group. I absolutely loved it. Totally amazed myself that I could run a mile. And totally caught the running bug! And I've been a regular ever since.

To get fit. Pure and simple.

In 2015, I participated in the Colour Run and Reindeer Run at East Park. 2016 was road race year for me, I ran 6 x 10k, Hornsea Third Marathon, and ran the 2nd stage of the Hull Marathon as part of a 4-person relay team. I also became a run leader in the November, 19 months after running my first mile.

I have Snake Lane 10, Hornsea Third Marathon, North Lincolnshire Half Marathon booked so far.

Come along and give it a go. What have you got to lose? It's an incredibly supportive running club. And welcomes all abilities.

Paul Buchnall

Paul Bucknall

 I am the Hedon co-ordinator and want to help Hedon Fitmums & Friends be a success

Running wise, I have completed numerous 10k runs, a 10 mile road race and the Hornsea 1/3 marathon race. Other than running, I play rugby and squash and am a 3rd Dan karate black belt.

I've run a race every month so far this year and have got the Lincolnshire half marathon coming up, the Humber half and am competing in the Hull marathon. Running a marathon is on my bucket list but I also wanted to complete it so if runners from Fitmums & Friends asked for advice, I could at least tell them how I prepared.

Do it. Don't sit at home thinking about doing it or liking the Facebook page and remaining on your sofa. Running as part of a group is far easier than running alone. Running with a supportive group that are well motivated and well trained is even easier still.

Anuska Mackenzie

Anuska Hargreaves

I used to play for a netball team and was training for my challenge to do the Great North Swim in 2014. My breathing was horrendous and I couldn't run around the netball court for the duration of the 10 minute sets without wanting to collapse. One of my netball friends told me about a running group that ran locally to me (East Hull) and suggested I give it a go to get fitter on court and I was told it would help my breathing for my swimming. 

My original goal was to be able to manage a 40 minute netball match and be able to swim a mile without burning lungs and wobbly legs. It was never my intention to become a runner because I never considered myself to be able to run, I’m definitely not a “natural runner” 

Since joining Fitmums in September 2013 I have completed countless 10k's, several half marathons, a number of third marathons or 10 mile distances!! 2 marathons including London (oh and I smashed my mile swim distance at the Great North swim), so yes running and Fitmums did what I originally set out to achieve. I also became a run leader at the end of 2014, something I never thought I would actually do. Fitmums helped me achieve goals I never thought possible and if I'm honest never expected to be putting myself forward to do. I have supported at some incredible events such as freedom festival, Hull marathon and other sporting events. Being part of Fitmums certainly fills your social calendar! 

I will continue to lead and help and support all my fellow Fitmums and I do feel I will branch out into new territory, Fitmums has given me the confidence to try new things and apart from an event abroad I think I will try open water swimming (my lungs can take it now ) this may encourage a progression to triathlons who knows...... the future has many possibilities and I’m keen to try it all.  

I would say give it a go! The hardest part is getting through the door on the first night. The minute you do though, you will realise that the myth of everyone who runs being fit, slim, beautiful and able to bounce like bambi without breaking a sweat in Lycra really doesn't exist (well not for the most anyway). Fitmums is not what I would call a stereotypical running club, it's a social thing where you meet many, many friends who will motivate and support you in everything you do. You don't need to be fit before you start, that's what we are here for, to help you do what you want to, with support and like minded people. 

Julie Grey 

I originally joined Fitmums because I wanted to run a half marathon. I was sick of hearing myself say this but never doing it.  

My original goal was to run a half marathon. Instead, I enjoyed just running with Fitmums and meeting new people; within a year I’d done my leaders training.   

In my second year I did run 2 x half marathons.  

My future goals are to run the Great North Run and possibly a marathon. A big possibly.. 

Since joining Fitmums I have gained a whole new circle of friends from all walks of live. Something I didn’t expect in my 40’s. Fitmums are friendly, welcoming and supportive to all. 

Darren Brighton 

I had been running a little without much success before joining Fitmums and felt I wasnt getting anywhere. I ran the Bridlington Half Marathon and noticed a group of pink vests, with lots of laughter going on. When i got home my wife told me it would have been Fitmums runners, and maybe i should go along. She knew a few members and how well they had got on, so forced me out of the door one Monday night. 

My main goal was to lose some weight. My previous running was hit and miss, and my job had me sat behind a desk. Not a good combination. Joining Fitmums gave me the focus i needed, and i have not looked back since. 

Fitmums helped me achieve a lot of weight loss, and gain a huge support network. After a year of running with the group I became a run leader and have really enjoyed helping others. I have completed many 10k and half marathons. In 2017 I was in training for a marathon and sufferred a stroke. Fortunately this was very minor, and with great support, especially from those at Fitmums, my recovery was swift and i was soon back to full health taking on the same runs. 

My personal aims now are to get PB's for 5k, 10k and half marathons, and keep improving. Though i would love to do a marathon I am not sure my family could cope with the training I would need. Never say never though. 

Just do it! It changed my life for sure. Fitmums is not just a running club. Its a social club, that just happens to go out running. 

David Gingel

I joined fitmums as it was the nearest Running club to home. To improve my overall ability to run various distances at variable speeds 

I have done 1 Ultra , 4 Marathons , 13 Half Marathons , 1 10 Mile , 6 10K’s , 237 parkruns 

To complete another 2 Marathons and 4 Half Marathons, along with the 12 Hour HOTH in August 

Come and join one of the best running, walking and cycling clubs in the area where all abilities be it only walking 2 miles up to the 6 miles group.

Sue Burgess

I took up running to de-stress, get fit and relieve boredom following a divorce a few years ago. Running on my own only got me so far so I joined parkrun where I met an old friend, the then coordinator of Hedon Fitmums, she encouraged me to give it a go, the rest you can say is history! 

My original goal was to just make that first step through the door, hopefully to make new friends and to progress with my running. 

After joining fitmums in 2016, later that year I ran my first Hull 10k and was part of a FM relay team in the Hull marathon, the following year I did my 1st half marathon at North Lincs. I have progressed from a total novice to regularly taking part in 10k, 10 milers and half marathons but more importantly I still run for the enjoyment. However my best achievements are being able to help others and making some really good friends. 

As some of my friends will testify I'm rubbish at setting goals, but I just want to continue to enjoy running with my friends and try to keep up with some of them! And I've signed up for a marathon.  

To anyone thinking of joining fitmums, just do it, the hardest bit can be walking through the door but we can even help with that too! It may be the best thing you ever do, you'll make new friends, get fitter and wonder why you hadn't done it sooner!

Kathryn Young 

I joined Hedon Fitmums and friends in 2015 after talking to a few members who went to the local slimming world club. They assured me that all abilities were catered for and it sounded like a nice friendly and fun group so I joined that week and have been a regular member ever since. I also run at Withernsea Fitmums and have recently become the coordinator for Withernsea and help Hedon when required. 

My original goal was to get home in one piece after running my first mile.  

I signed up for a 5K Santa run and then just kept upping the miles and after running the Ferriby 10 miles this year I would like to do a half marathon next. 

I would like to do a half marathon next year. 

I would recommend Fitmums and friends to anyone wanting to start running through to runners who want to be pushed a bit further as we cater for all abilities. I find being a member keeps me motivated to run throughout the year come rain or shine. 

Sue Moverley

I decided to join after my two daughters persuaded me to give it a try as they had started running with East Hull fitmums and loved it 

My goal was just to give it a try and see if I could run, after suffering from arthritis in my knees for years I wasn’t totally sure that this would be for me. 

Since I started running and not even believing that I would ever run a mile I have gone on to complete two half marathons and numerous 10k’s 

I just want to keep running as long as I can. 

Just come along and give it a go, fitmums are a truly supportive group and look after runners of all ability's from beginners to advanced runners, you will find a mileage to suit you 

Michelle Ketley

I heard of Fitmums when it first came to Hedon and fancied giving it a go. I was really unfit and it was a huge step out of my comfort zone! I was blown away with the amount of support the group gave and before I knew it i was running 2 miles every week! Unfortunately an old back problem returned and I was told strictly no running - ever! Needless to say I was gutted because I’d found something I was enjoying. So I asked about a walking group, there  

wasn’t one at the time and there wasn’t anything in the pipeline. Thats when I came up with the idea of leading one myself. I nagged and nagged until finally I was on the leader training course! 4 years down the line we have a fantastic fitness walking group! I love being a leader and supporting others in their own journey to improve their fitness.

Originally to improve my fitness, but then changed to support others whilst doing so. 

Due to family commitments I haven’t done a great deal of events, the few I have done Race for Life, Race for Life Pretty Muddy, Dove House Starlight Stride and our own Fitmums 365 challenge. 

To continue to lead and support others within our club. 

Absolutely do it! Come and give it a go. You have nothing to lose. It is such a supportive club and welcome all abilities with open arms. 

Mark Moverley

I had been going to the gym (treadmill and swimming) for a while when my two daughters started going to East Hull FMs, they kept saying what a great running club it was and how friendly and encouraging everyone was. After lots of persuading from them (who were also Run Leaders!) I decided to give it a go. I was a bit apprehensive when I first walked through the door but was soon made very welcome! 

I started FM’s in Jan 2014 and I wanted to run in the Jane Tomlinson 10k in June the same year for Dove House in memory of my sister in-law who had been looked after there. 

I have lost count of all the Park runs, 10k’s, 10 milers, half Marathons I have done since!  

I have had the pleasure of running the Hull Marathon and London Marathon; I really never thought I would do any at all!

I do plan to do another to make it three Marathon’s and give a Tri-Athlon a try.  

It’s an Amazing running club! Starting at 1 mile and gradually working your way up to 6 miles and more with massive encouragement, comradery and support from the Run Leaders and new found friends. It’s certainly life changing and I have never looked back! 

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