Training Sessions

Details of weekly Spring/Summer 2024 sessions can be viewed in the document below:

In additions to the weekly road sessions some Clubs offer the following as well:

Grass Track (Spring/Summer) – outdoor coached session running round a grass track doing efforts based on distance or speed. Suitable for all distance runners & walkers including beginners.

Timed Run/Walk (Autumn/Winter) – a series of opportunities to be timed over a 2 or 3 mile route. The aim is to try and improve time over the course of the autumn/winter. Uses same route each time. Suitable for all runners & walkers able to do 2 miles. 

10k Training 

If you currently are able to run 2,3 or 4 miles and would like to work towards doing a 10K race, then the training plan on the link below may be helpful.  Although we would always encourage an individualised plan which Fitmums and Friends Coaches are able to support with.

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