Timed Runs

Timed Runs & Walks give members the chance to monitor their progress over the autumn/winter season by running the same route throughout the series. There are normally two distances available; 2 and 3 miles and the same course is used throughout the series (where a club offers a “timed walk” it is a 2 mile course). The idea is that participants try and run/walk “at pace” – and having completed their first timed run/walk, then aim to improve their times over the course of the whole series. 

A mass warm-up takes place first. Participants then leave the building in waves (so that manageable numbers of runners & walkers set off at any given time). Waves depart at 1 minute intervals. Finishing times are shouted out at the end and participants then record their times on the registration form. Adjustments are made by the organisers and final results posted on facebook and the website. Stretching takes place afterwards. 

This is the only session without “shepherding” but no-one is left behind – organisers know who is out on the course and a sweeper will ensure all participants safely return. Don’t be put off by the fact that this is “timed” the emphasis is on individual achievement – not comparisons to others. It is a great session - come and try it out.

Timed run - 07/11/2018

2 mile

Pam             29:09

Lucy H         24:30

Lisa             25:06

Sandra        23:32

Natalie        24:27

Karen          24:27

Sam            23:07

Fiona          28:27

3 mile

James         25:04

Becky S       30:44

Aga             30:18

Janice         31:04

Lucy F         33:27

Timed run - 27/02/2019

1 mile
Tamryn          12:53

2 mile

Julie              24:23

Annie             24:33 

Natalie           24:35

Kathryn          23:39

Amanda         22:42

Lisa                24:34

Lucy               24:36

Karen             23:42

3 mile

Dave              31:46

Aga                31:00

Jayde            28:22

Angie             38:28

Lucy              33:00

Hannah          31:44

Janice           32:59

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