Fitness Walking


What is the Fitness Walk?

It is a power walk of 2 or 3 miles in distance and offers a great walking workout. For those that want, there are opportunities to do some work on moving a bit faster, but nothing that will leave you gasping! The aim of the fitness walk is to provide a good cardio-vascular workout, it is not a leisurely stroll. Walk Leaders guide you round the route and may throw in some additional activities to keep you working hard and getting the most benefit you can from this fun walking workout. So, for example, you may find yourself being encouraged to walk as fast as you can for intervals maybe between trees or lampposts.

Trained Leaders facilitate the walks and utilise the unique Fitmums and Friends systems to ensure everyone is appropriately challenged and supported. We recognise everyone has a different walking pace and therefore the nature of the challenge will vary but we are equipped for all. Our Walk Leaders are inventive and enthusiastic and are passionate about supporting members to gain the maximum benefit from walking.

Other Walk options

As well as the weekly “Fitness Walk” available at some sessions, walkers are also invited to attend any of the grass track or hill sessions at any of the Fitmums and Friends groups. These sessions are devised for both runners and walkers and our Coaches are happy to accommodate walkers in these sessions. Please check individual groups for details of these sessions.

Who is the Fitness Walk for?

Sessions are open to everyone over the age of 16 years; men, women, grandparents and you don’t need to be a mum or a dad or you don’t need to be fit to start with! Fitmums and Friends is supportive of all abilities.

Who are the Walk Leaders?

Fitmums and Friends Walk Leaders are trained volunteers who have completed the England Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness qualification which they adapt for use with walkers.

What kit do I need?

Comfortable clothes (thin layers are ideal as you will get warm and may need to remove layers as you go), practical shoes/trainers and a lightweight jacket. In the winter Fitmums provides a high visibility vest to keep you safe! We ask that you don’t bring headphones/music as you need to be able to hear the walk leader.

What if I am a really slow walker?

Do not worry! We never leave anyone behind and no one will ever make you feel uncomfortable about your pace. We have a system called shepherding. Faster walkers get a little way ahead (not out of sight!) and then walk back to re-group.

What if I am a really fast walker?

Do not worry! Even if our leaders cannot keep at your pace you will be encouraged to walk on to various points as instructed by the leader and then re-group back to the main group. Leaders are also trained to add in special walking activities to ensure that faster paced walkers get a more challenging workout.

Can I try it out?

Please do – you will be made very welcome! Come and try us out up to 3 times before you decide if this is the right club for you. The first time you come to a session look out for a person holding a paddle which says “are you here for the first time tonight"? They will welcome and look after you.

Why walk?

It’s incredibly good for you! Research has shown that walking gives you all kinds of physical health benefits. You don’t have to be red-faced and panting to get a real boost from walking.

It’s good for your mood! Come for a walk and feel a spring in your step! Getting outside is good any time of year: yes, even in the rain!

If you are looking to get fit, why not start with a walk? If you start gently, you can work up to a level that suits you. It’s better to start at a comfortable, easier level than to attempt too much too soon! Walkers do become runners but you don’t have to! It’s up to you…

You can use it to maintain your fitness or regain it after injury or lay off? If you are a runner, why not walk to get yourself ready to run again?

Make new friends! We won’t invite ourselves round for tea but a little chat as we walk is lovely! Research has shown that socialising is a good way to stay alert and interested.

Walkers are less likely to quit – research shows that walkers are more likely to stick to walking exercise routines – it doesn’t hurt so much during or afterwards and there is a lower risk of injury.

Fight the menopause – walking can reduce the severity of symptoms particularly those related to stress and anxiety.

Stronger bones – walking creates strength in your bones. Research shows that women who walk one mile a day have higher bone density after menopause than those who walk less.

It burns 300 calories an hour – even a short 15 minute walk can help reduce the amount of sweet foods people consume.

Whether you are looking for encouragement & support to get fitter or if you would like some social fun, then Fitmums and Friends Fitness Walks may be just the thing for you.

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