Meet the Leaders

Kathryn Morrison

What made you join: I was keen to start running with a group but felt I wasn't a "proper runner" - fitmums quickly showed me that as long as you are out of the house and moving you are a "proper runner" - its whole ethos of including everyone just seemed to fit perfectly for me and I've never looked back.  

What was your original goal: To start running again (it had been a very long time) and to be able to run 3 miles without walking.

What else have you done? Fitmums officially gave me the running "bug", I loved my weekly runs and my mileage increased. I was very proud to complete the run leaders course and become a run leader for the group. I am also the mental health champion for the group as well.

2019 was a big running year for me - fuelled by the Fitmums 365 challenge which really pushed me to get the miles in over the year; leading to me completing some longer runs (Vale of York 10 miles in April) and my first half marathon in York in September. (something that had been on my bucket list for about 15 years but I never thought I would be able to achieve).

Goals for next year: To continue to enjoy my running, work on keeping up with my longer runs and try and get another half marathon in by the end of the year.

If anyone is thinking of joining fitmums and friends I would say; come and give us a go; don't worry about being a "proper runner", what you can or can't do, or whether the person next to you is faster or can go further than you. All that matters is that you are out and moving, which will have positive effects on both your physical and mental health - you never regret a run. The great company, companionship and laughs you will get from running with the group are just an added bonus.

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