Fitmums & Friends team up with ORCHA

Posted 24th April 2019

Apps present a fantastic opportunity to not only improve the quality of our health but to also help us to live healthier lives. The market is awash with apps, though (over 300,000 of them!), and we have no ability to see whether what is being downloaded will actually improve our health or if our personal data will be stored safely.

Knowing this, and with more us using health apps every day, we've partnered with ORCHA - the company that review apps for the NHS - to help you find the best and safest apps. We want to ensure that if you are using apps to look after yourselves or manage any conditions you have, or if you are looking to start using them, you can find the best and safest ones available.

For this reason, we are delighted to tell you about – our own free-to-use comparison website for health and care apps. On there you can see how an app performs along three main strands: user experience, clinical assurance (i.e. how well it works) and data privacy (because we know how seriously we all take this these days), all of which will help you find the best and safest ones for you.

Try it out here.

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