Have you got a draw full of race t-shirts that need a home?

Posted 16th October 2019

A Fitmums & Friends first coming soon.  On the afternoon of 27th October 2019 we are hosting a SWISH event.  Read on to find out how you can put your old race t-shirts to good use, how you can share your hardly worn stock of running kit and possibly pick up some clothing bargains.

How do I SWISH?

Bring along your quality unwanted clothing, accessories and running kit and pick up some great pre-loved items in return.

What can I bring?

Good quality women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, accessories, bags and footwear. A maximum of 15 items to be donated per person.

Any running kit or race t-shirts - quantity unlimited.

Anything I shouldn't bring?

Please no underwear, swimwear, nightwear or anything that is dirty, heavily worn or broken

What will it cost?

Just £3.00 per person to cover our costs

When & where?

Sunday, 27 October 2019 from 13:30-16:00

The Civic Hall, Cottingham, Market Green, HU16 5QG 

Where can I drop off the items I want to donate?

Either bring them to the event on the day (13:30-14:00) or drop them off at the following points:

F&F Hedon club night on Monday 21st October

F&F East Hull club night Tuesday 22nd October

F&F Cottingham club night Wednesday 23rd October

F&F Beverley club night Thursday 24th October

F&F Boothferry club night Thursday 24th October

Why should I SWISH?

How many of the clothes in your wardrobe haven’t been worn in the last year?

In the average UK household, it’s estimated that nearly a third of clothes haven't been worn in the last year. That's £30 billion of unused clothes in the UK. And a further 300,000 tonnes of used clothing go to landfill every year.

The global fashion industry has a bigger carbon footprint than aviation and shipping combined. Currently more than 5% of the UK's total annual carbon and water footprints results from clothing consumption.

If we could extend the average life of clothes by 3 months this could result in a 5-10% reduction of their carbon, water and waste footprints. If we could extend their life by 9 months this could result in a 20-30% reduction.

Technical running tops take the same amount of petrochemicals to make as goes into 12 plastic bottles and they take decades to decompose.

Let’s think differently about our clothes, make a difference and have fun at the same time. Let’s SWISH.

Who do I ask if I have another question?

Please email 365@fitmums.org.uk