Let's celebrate our volunteers - Michelle

Posted 24th May 2018

Michelle is a volunteer at Withernsea Fitmums & Friends in East Yorkshire......

I'm joint Club Co-ordinator at Withernsea Fitmums & Friends.  I'm brand new at my role and have enjoyed jumping straight in! I help record our weekly attendance figures which is organised on spreadsheets, set up our weekly sessions by displaying routes for the mileage groups and planning new routes and risk assessing them for our members. (Its always nice to have a change of scenery!) I'm also very active on our groups Facebook page, promoting Fitmums 365 challenge, wishing good luck and congratulating members on races. As well as being joint Club Co-ordinator and a run leader I'm also known as the website lady! These are just a few of the things I help with behind the scenes.

I could talk about why I volunteer all day! I talk about Fitmums and running to anyone who will listen to me! I joined Fitmums in May 2017, before that I'd only spoke to a few people and made only a couple of friends since moving here from Rochdale in 2012. From that terrifying moment walking through the doors for that first time to now, the change in me is amazing. I've made so many amazing friends, not just running friends but people who I can truly rely on and be me with.

After all the help and support Fitmums has given me I wanted to give something back in anyway I could. I became a run leader in November 17 and much to my disbelief I'm joint coordinator (because you never believe in yourself until other people do) and that's just what my friends at Fitmums do.  For anyone interested in any volunteer or coaching role do it! Don't think about the what if I'm not good enough, or how nerve wracking it'll be (because it is! Just like trying anything new is) but it's so rewarding in ways you can't even describe!

I've had nothing but support and encouragement regarding becoming a run leader and taking on the joint Co-ordinator role.  

For more information about Volunteering with Fitmums & Friends please contact admin@fitmums.org.uk