New to running? Join our walk-to-run sessions

Posted 30th December 2018

Want to start running this year but not sure how? At Fitmums & Friends, we support new runners with a walk-to-run option that will ease you into running and gradually build up your running ability. 

You don’t have to be able to run already to join Fitmums & Friends. We welcome all abilities including absolute beginners. Every Fitmums & Friends club has a 1-mile group which is the perfect starting point for someone who is completely new to being active or returning after a break. All our 1-mile groups are walk-to-run groups, which means that you can join in by walking and running at your own pace with the friendly support of a trained leader. Over time, you will gradually increase your running ability and find that you can run further and stronger.

Running with the support and company of others can make getting started and keeping going so much easier than when running on your own, so come along to a club session and let us give you that support:

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  • Connect with us on Facebook or email us at for more information

We can help you be more active and achieve your running goal, whether that’s to run a mile, do a parkrun, enter a 10k or anything else!

Question: 'Want to start running?' accompanied by signposts pointing to 1 mile, parkrun and 10k, illustrated with runner silhouettes