Stay at home mile

Posted 1st April 2020

We (well, when I say ‘we’, I really mean Sam!) are always thinking of new ideas to help keep people moving, especially now when being confined and isolated may strongly limit your ability and desire to be active. But it is so very important to just keep moving – being active will not only help your physical health but can help your mental health too. Which is why we have created the ‘Stay at home mile’.

What is the ‘Stay at home mile’?

We are encouraging you to run or walk at least a mile a day – and in whatever space you have. If like so many, you can’t leave your house, it is even possible to run or walk a mile on the spot! A mile is about 2,000 steps. You don’t even need to do this all at once – break it up and do 500 steps four times a day. That way it will keep you moving throughout the day. Get all the family involved. Older relatives can even do arm chair walking on the spot too!

How do I keep track of my miles?

To help you record your ‘Stay at home’ miles, we’ve created a chart:

picture of rainbow chart for Stay at home mile

Every time you complete a mile, colour in a segment of the rainbow. Before too long, you’ll have a beautiful coloured rainbow. When you complete a rainbow, just print off another chart and start again. Download your chart on the link at the bottom of this page.

Why a rainbow?

These have become a symbol of hope – and people are putting them in their windows to make others smile when they pass by and to show support for our amazing NHS and key workers. So, once you’ve completed your first rainbow, why not stick it up in your window too?

How can I measure a mile?

You can use a pedometer, a fitness watch or tracker, or an app on your mobile phone to count your 2,000 steps. If you need to download an app, choose a safe one from our ORCHA platform at

Show us your progress

We’d love to know how you are getting on with your challenge – inspire and entertain us. Send in photos, films and let us know how you are doing. Help us fill our communities with beautiful rainbows – and know that in doing so, you are also keeping yourself in the best of health.

Note for members:

This challenge is open to everyone, members and non-members, but if you are a current Fitmums & Friends member, remember to also log your 'Stay at home' miles on Mumbot.


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