The Green Way Academy and Fitmums & Friends launch school-wide activity challenge

Posted 16th January 2019

The Green Way Academy primary school in Hull has joined forces with local athletics club and charity, Fitmums & Friends, to launch the popular 365 Challenge for 2019, the first time that this will have been undertaken by a whole school. The Fitmums & Friends 365 Challenge is a unique way of inspiring children and adults to get active and stay active by challenging them to complete 365 miles or hours of activity in 365 days.

Pupils and staff of The Green Way Academy with representatives of Fitmums & Friends at the launch of the 365 Challenge in school

The Green Way Academy is taking on the schools version of the 365 Challenge which encourages children and young people to complete 365 hours of physical activity in 365 days, preferably 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day . This can include walking, scooting or cycling to school, PE lessons, active break times, sports clubs, playing games with friends – any activity counts. For each hour or mile of activity completed, children colour in a mosaic tile on an activity chart. Milestone and completion rewards also encourage the children to stay active and help to engage those not normally that keen on sport or exercise.

Simon Bush, Headteacher at The Green Way Academy, says: “At The Green Way Academy, we want each and every child to be inspired to choose a remarkable life. We know that getting active at an early stage and keeping this going throughout childhood is key to living well and learning well. The 365 Challenge offers a fantastic way to motivate our children to enjoy being more active both inside and outside school”.

Chief Officer and founder of Fitmums & Friends, Sam Barlow BEM explains: “At Fitmums & Friends, we are passionate about supporting everyone to become more active as we know how important exercise is to developing and maintaining good physical and mental health and wellbeing. The 365 Challenge for Schools helps all children to be more active and I am delighted that The Green Way Academy is launching this initiative across the school in 2019”.

The 365 Challenge is not just for children – parents and carers who want to be more active are welcome to take up the challenge too. It is often the case that a child starting the challenge inspires other family members to become more active, thus benefiting the whole family. Find out more and sign up here.