We are recruiting - paid Walk Leaders

Posted 2nd June 2019

We are looking for a bank of Walk Leaders.  Can you offer any time to help lead a walk even if once/twice a month?  We would love to hear from you if so.  Or do you know someone, who is not a member of Fitmums & Friends, who might love to get involved in volunteering with this local charity.

The role is required to facilitate a weekly walk in East Park for people affected by sight loss. The walks will take place at 9.30am each Thursday and will cover a distance of 1-3 miles. These walks are intended to specifically support people affected by sight loss and will be a part of a new partnership between two charities; Fitmums & Friends and Sight Support.  This activity will be part of the Sight Support Socialeyes programme which offers opportunities for people affected by sight loss to be active and socialise. However the walks will also be open to any Fitmums & Friends members who would like a walking offer such as this. Some attendees may require 1-1 guide support and this will be provided by a volunteer team of Guides. These walks will require a minimum of two leaders per walk so we are looking to recruit a pool of leaders that might help us put on this activity.  Walk Leaders would need to be available from 9.15am to about 11am.


Individuals will require both of the following qualifications or be willing to undertake this training.  

  • England Athletics – Leadership in Running Fitness or Walk Leader qualification (e.g. Walking to Health) 
  • England Athletics - Guide Runner/Walker training

Key skills

• Friendly, warm and welcoming

• Good level of walking fitness

• Confident to lead a group of walkers

• Able to use simple digital sign in system using a mobile phone

• Team-working skills


£15 per session 


Minimum 18 years of age

DBS required - this can be organised on appointment

Character references may be required

Start date - July 2019

Role Description

A walk leader in this role is required to:

  • Be responsible for the safe organisation of achievable and progressive walking activity
  • Risk assess in advance any walk route to be used, using the Fitmums & Friends risk assessment procedure
  • Ensure the route is fit for purpose on the day of the planned activity and make appropriate decisions about whether the walk should continue in the event of adverse conditions
  • Have an understanding of the issues for people affected by sight loss and be vigilant to their needs
  • Welcome all participants to the walk, especially new walkers, ensuring that the meet and greet procedure is followed
  • Conduct a checklist chat before setting off to ensure everyone is prepared for the activity
  • Ensure all participants are signed in via mobile phone app called Mumbot including new participants who will require registration for trials
  • Lead and manage the walk ensuring that participants are supported appropriately this will require back marking as well as leading at the front
  • Ensure that all walks are delivered according to the standards and procedures of Fitmums & Friends
  • Work effectively with another walk leader in the delivery of walks
  • Manage any issues that might arise during the walk or know who to contact in the event of concerns
  • Lead a group of participants of varying ability in a safe and effective way ensuring complete inclusion of abilities
  • Use effective shepherding to support inclusion and support of all abilities within a group
  • Demonstrate effective leadership skills: to ensure a safe, organised session with clear instruction, explanation and demonstration
  • Understand factors that may influence/hinder participation and to therefore make adjustments where necessary to ensure inclusion 
  • Be able to adapt to the needs and interests of group or individual participants
  • Communicate instructions and commands using clear, simple language
  • Work to a high legal and ethical standard at all times, particularly in relation to issues such as child & adult safeguarding and health and safety requirements 
  • Be aware of Fitmums & Friends organisational policies which support all activities 
  • Attend 1-1 catch ups with the programme leader to support the ongoing development of the walks and leaders involved

What next?

If you are interested in this position Laura would love to hear from you.  Please email laura@fitmums.org.uk and we'll have a chat.