We run, we walk, we cycle and we SING!

Posted 14th March 2022

On Saturday 26 March 2022, the Fitmums and Friends Inter-generational Choir will meet again to host a concert at the Civic Hall, Cottingham. The Choir last met in 2020 when, just weeks away from the concert, the pandemic arrived and with lockdown the performance never actually happened.

This annual event is much loved by members and friends of Fitmums alike. It was originally created as a way of lifting spirits during the dark and dreary winter months, running from January to March each year. It gives people something to look forward to, and ends just as Spring arrives. After that first concert in 2015, it has simply never stopped - becoming a much loved feature of the Fitmums and Friends calendar. The Choir is open to non members as well as members. They are a truly inter-generational bunch of people who come together for just 11 weeks, with the challenge of putting on a performance at the end - to raise funds for the charity. Normally involved in walking, running and cycling, this is different challenge but one that brings enormous health benefits too. We love the fact that we can say we run, we walk, we cycle and we SING! 

Six choir members in choir t-shirts

Amongst the Choir, we are proud to welcome members from our SocialEYES group - our activity group for visually impaired people. They inspire us weekly with their commitment to sessions where they walk, run and take part in a session to support strength and conditioning. This year, we are delighted that Ann and Lee who started with us last year, have joined us once more - and this time they will get to perform at the concert! Patrick, pictured with them below, is one of our invaluable "VI Guides" who supports members with visual impairment at the activity sessions.

Patrick (VI Guide), Ann and Lee

We particularly love the inter-generational and family element of the choir and once more we have generations involved. In the lovely family pictured below, we have three generations singing together. We think of them as our "Von Trapp" family!

Six family members of different ages in choir t-shirts

Once again Phil White from Radio Humberside will be hosting the concert on Saturday 26 March. Doors open at 6pm and the concert starts at 6.30pm. Choir Lead, Jack Bridges, will be taking the Choir through a wonderful variety of songs which we hope will lift spirits.

Adult tickets are £5 - available here

Child tickets (under 16) are £3 - available here

Choir Lead, Jack Bridges, conducting
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