Work from home wellness sessions

Posted 12th June 2020

10 minutes of movement 

With more people working from home, we sense a need to help people look after themselves whilst potentially working in a "set up" not quite as good as that of the usual workplace. It's possible that some people may now be feeling the effects of an incorrect screen/desk height and position. You may even begin to feel an element of neck, back, shoulder, sciatica discomfort as a result. So why not try our "Work from Home Wellness" session - 

These 8 sessions were recorded on Facebook Live and therefore you are able to pick the session recording up whenever is convenient for you. It is approximately 10 minutes per session only, intended to fit easily into your working day. Try and repeat the session a few times a day and in this way help to curb the aches/pains/discomfort that you may be feeling, or keep problems at bay. 

Our Fitmums & Friends Instructors Emma and Neil will be taking you through these 10 minute wellness sessions.


As ever, please work at your own level during these sessions – the coaches will give different options to work at, so please pick what is right for you. Unlike face-to-face sessions, coaches cannot check personal health status. We therefore recommend that these sessions are suitable for people in good physical condition who feel able to participate in the sessions. We strongly recommend that you consult with a health professional before beginning any exercise programme if this is a new activity.

Stay healthy!

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