Mental Health Champions

Volunteers who are committed to improving mental wellbeing through physical activity.

Mental Health Champions

Our Mental Health Champions are part of the England Athletics #RunAndTalk programme, and are volunteers who are committed to improving mental wellbeing through physical activity. Some of them have experienced a mental health problem, either personally or through supporting a friend or relative. Despite a general understanding that physical exercise is good for us, mental health difficulties can reduce the desire to get up and go. Our team of Mental Health Champions offer a very important additional element of support to help people use physical activity to improve their mental health.

Mental Health Champions are based in many of our Fitmums and Friends Clubs, they meet regularly as a team with the mental health lead for the charity for update and review. The role of the Mental Health Champion is to:

Support – the mental wellbeing of members

Engage – through local links, social media and within clubs

Talk – to start conversations about mental health

Advocate – share information/guidance and keep up to date in their role

The team get involved and actively participate in club session & events to support mental wellbeing. They may for example:

  • Meet and greet at local club sessions.
  • Offer support to new members who may be anxious about attending a session e.g. offer to be a point of contact if potential newcomers want to meet a friendly face outside before a club session.
  • Facilitate a Café Chat stop at a local café to help break down barriers to support access to sessions.
  • Volunteer at various events to promote Fitmums and Friends and specifically the importance of our work in supporting mental health

If you would like more information about becoming a Mental Health Champion or support from one of the team then just contact

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