Fitmums & Friends aims to create an environment where everyone feels safe and secure to enable them to achieve their potential – to run, jump, throw, cycle, walk, lead, coach, officiate or to support those who do.

in the pink

1-1 support for anyone who needs a helping hand to be more active.

Mental Health

Mental Health Champions, volunteers who are committed to improving mental wellbeing through physical activity.

Together in Grief

Helping people cope with loss through supportive activity sessions.

Together in Grief
The Forest Project

Supporting children and young people who are experiencing bereavement.

Let's Get Going

Helping people get back on their feet through supportive activity sessions.

Pink & Blues

Motivational support for participants in races.

Guide Team

Trained volunteers to support visually impaired people to enable them to take part in activities.

Pillow Chat Diary

A resource specifically designed to support children's emotional wellbeing.

Mike Barlow
Memorial Fund

Offering financial support to help people be active or volunteer with Fitmums & Friends.

the National Lottery - Sport England Fundraising Regulator